Janice Kennett

Janice has had a passion for writing since the 1970’s.  She’s worked as a newspaper reporter, columnist and freelance journalist. Her column, Rambling On has appeared in various places over the years.

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Rambling On

This column (now blog) has been my writing companion for decades. This is where the Lord gives me inspiration, direction and a way to speak to someone’s heart. Always uplifting, it carries encouragement and an occasional reminder of where we, as Christians, need to make a difference.

The Rambling Gardener

This blog was born on April 12, 2018 and came as a complete surprise. It’s a mystery to me why anyone would care what happens in MY yard, but the words keep coming. My goal is to share, inspire and teach others how they can improve their outside space.  I’ve also been given the opportunity to visit other places and/or yards which motivates me to never give up.

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